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3 Zoho One Features You Didn’t Know About

3 Zoho Capabilities You Didn't Know About

Zoho One’s massive integrability and centralized administration system make it the perfect Operating System for most small to medium-scale businesses.

It allows you to interact with about 45 web apps and their mobile alternatives with a single sign-on, eliminating the need for you to browse multiple applications and interfaces.

Check out these 3 powerful features Zoho One equips your business with.

1. Analytics Integrated With Your Zoho CRM

Zoho Analytics provides analytics capabilities allowing you to extensively analyze any aspect of your business so you can make better data-driven decisions.

This tool not only allows you to access business data from every Zoho application in use within your organization but also with every external platform it’s integrated with!

This synergy, for example, allows you to view and analyze a Sales Report for the specific customer directly from your Zoho CRM interface. Yes, no need to log into Zoho Analytics in addition to Zoho CRM!!

With in-depth, comprehensive analytics support like this, you get accurate multi-sourced data reports directly in your CRM.

2. Zoho CRM Portal for External Users

Do you have clients, partners, or vendors who will need to be exposed to the specific slice of your business data relevant for them? Zoho CRM provides a Self-Service Portal option.

Through the Customer / User Portal, external users who are doing business with your business can log in and consume or interact with your company’s data as needed, or, more accurately, as defined by you.

The Online Client Portals serve as secure gateways designed specifically for vendors, customers, partners, and other user categories to have a single point of entry into your products, services, and other necessary information.

Think of it as a “help yourself” feature that equips them to solve problems, and connect with the brand hassle-free.

And the hidden gem – you don’t need to license those users with the Zoho license! Portals go free with your Zoho CRM Enterprise or Zoho One subscription and can accommodate up to 10K invited users!!


3. Extend Your Zoho CRM With Custom Functionality Via Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that allows you to fully digitize your operations without having to write in-depth code.

With this tool, you can create custom apps for web and mobile to fast-track certain processes for your business. For instance, with Zoho Creator, you can build the functionality that can calculate complex or custom pricing and create quotes based on certain parameters you’ve set.


Next-to-none productivity is one of the key reasons so many companies choose Zoho One package over other tools to fully automate their business.

With this range of actionable features, it’s easy to see the potentials the tool offers your business.

At Customerization, we help clients find optimal and cost-effective solutions leveraging Zoho One. Have your challenges? Hop on a free discovery call with our expert to find that helping hand!

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