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Solar Power Act Automates Sales Process with Zoho CRM

Solar Power Act is a leading North American provider of photovoltaic modules and smart energy solutions. They are a national solar design-build firm that specializes in providing optimized and cost-effective solar solutions to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, and utility-scale projects.
About Customerization

Solar Power Act was manually updating data for every lead in their pipeline and tracking sales progress via pen and paper. This wasted effort led to inefficiency in the sales process. They needed to automate this function by transferring prospect company and contact information to a secure CRM. This would make the sales process easier by eliminating the manual data input required from sales representatives, and providing a safe and centralized storage location for contacts, sales opportunities, and scheduled service plans.


Customerization recognized Solar Power’s need to rapidly automate its sales process and create strong sales, communication, and marketing teams. To accomplish this, our team amplified the company’s migration to CRM and provided the best possible way to move away from clunky files to a more comprehensive platform. With our Zoho-certified team of experts, we supplied CRM configuration, services integration, and data migration services. With a functioning Zoho CRM up and running in just two weeks, these are the items that we implemented:

Companies and Contacts migration

Companies and Contacts migration

Sales process setup (using Blueprint)

Email templates and Agreement creation (Mail Merge template)

Reports in Zoho CRM

Integration with Outlook/Twitter/Facebook/Zoho Sign/Zoho Writer

Testing and fine-tuning the system


Customerization offered a confident project delivery plan with clearly defined deliverables, milestones, and timelines. Here’s how we untangled the complexities of the CRM setup and made the software work better for Solar Power Act and the sales team:

With CRM integration, Solar power successfully navigated the challenges faced by sales reps to digitize and automate processes. They feel more empowered to manage customer relationships, organize complex data sets, and streamline sales and marketing processes. There’s improved sales productivity with routine tasks automation.


“We were looking for viable technology investment to support our sales teams, automate processes, and centralize data storage to boost our sales of optimized energy solutions. Customerization listened to our needs and guided us to the best solution for our needs. The quick implementation and integration of Zoho CRM turned out to be a big-time savior!”

— Altin Prela, CEO, Solar Power Act


Zoho CRM is the perfect, simple, and fast solution for businesses who are looking to automate their sales process and reduce client churn rate. With Zoho, businesses can digitize their sales funnel, keep track of customer interactions, and maintain a central hub of data. And the best part… this can be done in as little as 2 weeks.

Explore how Customerization’s Quick Start Zoho CRM can get your business up and running on Zoho in less than 2 weeks' time.