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Zoho Consulting and Implementation

for Small and Medium Businesses

When customers come to us looking for help with Zoho, it is usually in one of two ways:


You have already invested in Zoho and are looking for the best implementation partner


You are still thinking about Zoho but want more insight on the implementation process before you purchase the technology.


Customerization Clients – In their own words


“At Phoenix Imports, we didn’t have a CRM and were trying to run our business on spreadsheets. Once we selected Zoho CRM – we knew we needed expert help to move our data, set up a process for our sales reps to use the new tool, and implement everything quickly. After talking to other companies who used Customerization and hearing about their experience and success, we knew we were on the right track by partnering with them.
We now have detailed reports on customer data, our sales reps have an easy-to-use form where they can efficiently enter data while on sales calls. It was all implemented quickly because Customerization listened to our needs, provided ideas, and guided us to the best solution for our needs, while keeping us updated on progress with frequent check-ins that we were all on the same page.”

Wayne Forrest
Vice President of Operations and Finance
Phoenix Imports Inc.


How we can help

With our Zoho implementation services, we help you deploy business automation technology from Zoho in a cost effective, outcomes-based approach.

Analyze your needs

Mapping the current state and helping you design what you want the future state to look like.


Build the right system design and solution architecture

Developing the roadmap of all the Zoho configurations for your project.


Implement the system design

Implement the plans we have created leveraging our experts and agile methodology to deliver the final solution on time and within budget.

Once your initial project has gone live, many customers find additional and/or ongoing tasks to delegate. We offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

Ongoing System Maintenance

A monthly maintenance package that includes system monitoring and dedicated hands-on support for any issues that come up. This protects your initial investment and makes sure you get the best ROI.


Adhoc Services

This allows you to continue working with a Zoho expert but drawn down from a bank of hours purchased vs committing to a monthly maintenance contract.


“Quinta Quinoa is a 100% local Canadian quinoa grower that produced the first commercial quinoa naturally developed in Ontario and is now grown across 5 provinces. Quinta Quinoa is packaged and sold to retailers directly as well as through distributors.

We have been using Zoho software for a number of years to manage our business. One of the areas we knew could be improved was our ability to trace and tag product issues to customer communications. We had two different audiences that needed this critical communication and no real easy way to make it happen with our current strategy.

Customerization knows Zoho inside and out, and so they were never forcing a solution on us, but rather spent time truly understanding what we had built to date, and how they could create a solution with the desired outcome – the ability to quickly communicate with retail customers as well as distributors to take action on important product information.

They built a solution right in Zoho that integrates within our current setup rather than risking another separate stand-alone solution that would result in data duplication and process inefficiencies.

The Customerization team works as a true partner. They are focused on the end goal and outcome and have a ton of ideas on different ways to optimize your Zoho implementation.”

Jamie Draves,
President and CEO
Quinta Quinoa

Why Partner with us on your Zoho Journey?



Just around the corner, in Toronto. Speaking the same business language. Call us, see us in-person, solve problems over a call.



Decades of CRM, Business Applications and Cyber Security experience. In-house and on agency side.



Accurately priced services keep costs under control. Competitive pricing compared to alternatives.

Customerization team supports the digital transformation of Canadian businesses by mentoring at

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