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4 Reasons To Build a Product Catalog in Zoho CRM

What Is a Product Catalog

A product catalog is the place to keep information about products or services your company produces or provides.

This is a log that contains product descriptions, attributes, service packages, and other important information.

Product catalogs can be a useful tool to promote new products or services, or to upsell customers on higher-end items. They can also be a helpful reference for customer service representatives when dealing with customer inquiries.

Product Catalogs In Zoho CRM

The Products module in Zoho CRM lets you manage your company’s products, both the ones you sell to customers and the ones you procure from vendors. This module is helpful for both sales and purchasing departments to coordinate more effectively. 

Sales departments can use the Products module along with other modules, such as leads, accounts, potentials, quotes, sales orders, and invoices. Purchasing departments can use the module along with Vendors and Purchase Orders. 

For more information and guidance, please visit the Zoho website.

Advantages of Creating A Product Catalog In Zoho CRM

Product catalogs are important to any product-selling business. There are certain advantages to building product catalogs that can help you scale your business. 

🔥 Sell More

A product catalog embedded in Zoho CRM, lets you run reports of overall product sales as well as products by customer or customer type/ cluster. 

Now, you can know what products succeed AND identify cross- and up-sales opportunities!

🔥 Customize client engagement with their product suite in mind.

For example, run product-specific customer onboarding, optimize customer support by product, or run product-driven customer retention programs.

Utilizing Zoho CRM to Full Potential

With product catalogs you can easily invoice customers for the products sold and indicate those line items on the invoice. 

If you are already leveraging Zoho Books in your business, the product catalog will need to be created there and integrated with Zoho CRM.

If you aren’t on Zoho Books yet, then your choice will be to leverage a catalog in Zoho CRM.

This video shows the full cycle – how to associate and add products to your deal and bill for them!