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Customer-Centric Business Operations Training


Customer-Centric Business Operations Training was created for rapidly growing customer-centric Canadian businesses interested to establish unified sales and customer service procedures and standards.

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training is a hands-on training framework that increases team productivity, cuts operational costs, and leads to additional revenue generation.  All the employees involved in the sales operations, delivery, and customer service processes are required to accomplish the training to fulfill their responsibilities at the desired company standard.

The training is based on hands-on examples using one of the recommended business automation platforms.

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training Structure

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training is a trainer-led and module-based Zoho training. Modules need to be accomplished in sequential order. A fair amount of time is dedicated to the hands-on exercises with the system, validating knowledge absorption level, and individual and group-based support.

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training Modules

Module 1. Unified Sales Process

Main lead generation channels and their relative value
Stages in the sales process and their influence on the pipeline progression

Hands-on CRM practice: using standard modules, their functionality and connectivity

Module 2. Standard Customer Communications

Transactional email communication vs. sales-led multi-channel communication
Omni-channel vs multi-channel
Automated communications, trigger types
Communications management and monitoring

Hands-on CRM, Transactional and Sales communications practice: using default communication templates for outreach, follow-up and documentation

Module 3. Invoicing Procedures as part of the sales process

Accurate estimate provisioning and revisions
Estimates conversion to the invoice
The trusted invoice approval process

Hands-on CRM and Invoicing solution practice.

Module 4. Payment rules

Choice of payment methods based on the system defaults
Optimizing payment terms
Payment-related communication
Payments tracking and reporting

Hands-on CRM and Payment solution practice.

Module 5. Client data management

Client data management architecture and best practice: drive folders structure, naming conventions, required materials, checklists, etc.
Data lost prevention – basic standards

Hands-on Shared Drive and CRM practice:

Client folders creation
Coaching clients to upload their materials to the drive
Mapping client folders to client records in CRM

Module 6. Sales Performance Reporting

Individual performance KPIs
Pipeline predictability
Cross- and up-sale potential
Cross-teams performance
Management view

Hands-on Reporting and CRM practice:

Pre-defined reports in CRM
Custom reports in CRM

Module 7. Order Fulfillment Essentials

Order production stages
Assignment of tasks for execution
Order sign-off process
SLAs and their tracking
Order documentation and its storage

Hands-on CRM practice:

Hand-off to production process and tasks
Progress and SLA reporting
Flagging problems
Order sign-off in the system

Module 8. Supply Chain Management Basics

Know your suppliers
Working with multiple suppliers
Orders consolidation
Batch order management
Order tracking and documentation

Hands-on CRM and Inventory Management solution practice:

Suppliers and their attributes
Supplier communication
Order approval and PO
Batch order

Module 9. Inventory Management Basics

Orders storage and classification
Roles and responsibilities
Order documentation in the system
Quality control procedures

Hands-on Inventory Management solution practice:

Order log and registration
Quality control checklist
Order confirmation
Customer communication

Module 10. Logistics Operations and SLAs Management

Know your shipping providers
Working with multiple vendors
Delivery tracking
Transactional and personal customer communications

Hands-on Delivery Management solution practice:

Order status and tracking
Customer communication
Closing the order in the system

Module 11. Determining Profitability Reports

Management-level reports
Profitability factors
Annual profitability goals
Quarterly and monthly profitability targets vs. actual

Hands-on CRM Reporting practice.

At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Total program hours: 250

Total program cost per user: CAD$12,000 + HST

To inquire more information about Customer-Centric Business Operations Training please contact us.