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Customer-Centric Business Operations Training

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training was created for rapidly growing customer-centric Canadian businesses interested to establish unified sales and customer service procedures and standards.

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training is a hands-on training framework that increases team productivity, cuts operational costs, and leads to additional revenue generation.  All the employees involved in the business operations, service delivery, products development, customer service, business and product analytics, and business performance processes are required to accomplish the training to fulfill their responsibilities at the desired company standard.

The training is based on hands-on examples using one of the recommended business automation platforms.

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training Structure

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training is a trainer-led and module-based training leveraging clients’ existing systems. Modules need to be accomplished in sequential order. A fair amount of time is dedicated to the hands-on exercises with the systems, validating knowledge absorption level, and individual and group-based support.

Customer-Centric Business Operations Training Modules

Module 1. Unified Sales Process

  • Main lead generation channels and their relative value
  • Stages in the sales process and their influence on the pipeline progression

Hands-on CRM practice: using standard modules, their functionality and connectivity

Module 2. Standard Customer Communications

  • Transactional email communication vs. sales-led multi-channel communication
  • Omni-channel vs multi-channel
  • Automated communications, trigger types
  • Communications management and monitoring

Hands-on CRM, Transactional and Sales communications practice: using default communication templates for outreach, follow-up and documentation

Module 3. Client data management

  • Client data management architecture and best practice: drive folders structure, naming conventions, required materials, checklists, etc.
  • Data lost prevention – basic standards

Hands-on Shared Drive and CRM practice: mapping client folders to client records in CRM

Module 4. Sales Performance Reporting

  • Individual performance KPIs
  • Pipeline predictability
  • Cross- and up-sale potential
  • Cross-teams performance
  • Management view
  • Hands-on Reporting and CRM practice:
  • Pre-defined reports in CRM
  • Custom reports in CRM

Module 5. Determining Profitability Reports

  • Management-level reports
  • Profitability factors
  • Annual profitability goals
  • Quarterly and monthly profitability targets vs. actual

Hands-on Reporting practice

Module 6. Customer Service Fundamentals

  • Introduction to the concept of customer service and its importance in business
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution
  • Quiz

Module 7. Customer Service Components

  • Effective communication
  • Product/Service Knowledge
  • Security and Data Protection
  • Timely Issue Resolution and SLA management
  • Systems timely updates

Module 8. Know your customer

  • Identity Verification
  • CRM data
  • Other systems data
  • Customer communications history
  • Responsible data usage

Hands-on Service Desk and other systems practice

Module 9. Service Channels and Technology

  • Overview of different customer service channels, including phone, email, live chat, and social media
  • Utilizing customer service software and technology for efficient issue tracking and resolution
  • Multi-channel support and the importance of consistency across platforms

Hands-on Service Desk practice

Module 10. Measuring and Improving Customer Service

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for evaluating customer service effectiveness
  • Strategies for gathering and analyzing customer feedback to continuously improve service
  • Reporting and SLAs

Hands-on training using and building reports

Module 11. Internal communications and employee empowerment

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) Tools: familiarizing employees with ESS features within HR systems
  • Performance Management and Feedback: HR system functionalities related to performance reviews and feedback, including goal setting, continuous feedback mechanisms, and performance appraisal processes
  • Employee Learning and Development: facilitating access to training resources, courses, and development plans

Hands-on practice – employee portal


At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Total program hours: 205

Total program cost per user: CAD$9,800 + HST


Kira Tchernikovsky – Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, CRM

Anton Tchernikovsky – Business Process Automation, Sales Operations, Customer Service, Business Systems

To inquire more information about Customer-Centric Business Operations Training please contact us.