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Professional Zoho Services

Comprehensive Zoho customization services for small and medium-sized businesses

Zoho CRM Certified Consultant

Zoho Consulting

Fit the right set of Zoho apps for your specific business needs

​​Zoho Implementation Services

Adopt, configure and customize Zoho applications to your business workflows

​​Zoho Customization Services

Tweak Zoho apps to provide beyond the out-of-the-box functionality

​​Zoho CRM

Fit the right set of Zoho apps for your specific business needs

​​Zoho Integration Services

Integrate Zoho apps with your other systems – ERP, website, LMS, dialers, and more. Simple or complex integrations via APIs

​​Zoho Customization Services

Extend Zoho functionality using custom code

​​Zoho Custom

Develop custom applications using Zoho Creator and Deluge

​​Zoho Data Migration Services

Simple data import or complex migration via API and coding

Zoho Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support service packages for your team’s peace of mind and business continuity

All our Zoho services are accompanied by Zoho Training - supporting your company with the change management and employee adoption of the system.

Learn more about our Corporate Training program:


Zoho Experts and Consultants

We started Customerization because we believe that every business deserves a fit-for-purpose platform to operate effectively. Fully integrated revenue generation infrastructure makes businesses efficient, adaptable, and competitive.

Zoho is the perfect platform to turn that vision into reality. Leveraging our verified expertise, direct relationship with Zoho Inc., and customer-centricity, your company gets the competitive edge you need to succeed. In the digital world.


Exceptional Zoho consultants and developers specializing in Zoho One, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Recruit and other Zoho Applications. We develop custom applications and write Deluge code.

Experts in Data migration via API.

Here’s three ways to know you are ready for expert Zoho help:

You are tired of the tech grind

You’ve outgrown the ‘being your own IT guru’. You’ve invested in Zoho and you want all the systems to play nice with each other, but you are not equipped to make this happen. You need a guide to show you the way to seamlessly integrate Zoho into your business.

You need flexibility

You can’t just wave a magic wand and throw out everything you’ve built today. Instead, you want to leverage the ability to customize Zoho to fit your needs now and be future proof.

You want off the hamster wheel

It’s so frustrating that every day is the same. Key information stuck in silos. No, you want faster collaboration and teamwork based on relevant, actionable data.

Decided On Zoho, Already Using It? Max Out Your Investment!

As an Authorized ZOHO Partner, we have the experience and problem-solving skills to design and implement your entire project – guiding you along every step of the way, helping you make smart choices that empower your organization, mitigate risks, and ensure that you get the most out of ZOHO.

We look forward to partnering with you on your ZOHO journey


Our hands-on expertise covers all Zoho applications and smooth workflows between them.

With our Zoho implementation services, Zoho consultants can help you deploy business automation technology from Zoho in a cost effective, outcomes-based approach.

— Analyze your needs

— Build the right system design and solution architecture

— Implement the system design

Once your initial project has gone live, many customers find additional and/or ongoing tasks to delegate. Then you would benefit from the ongoing maintenance and support packages that give you back your time.

Usually, Zoho customers start looking for Zoho Consulting Services when they need help with Zoho, in one of two ways:

— They have already invested in Zoho and are looking for the best implementation partner or

— They are still thinking about Zoho but want more insight on the implementation process to confirm you have the big picture of what it takes to implement before you purchase the technology.

Tapping into the expert knowledge saves you time, effort, and money. An experienced Zoho consulting partner will help:

— Define your company’s Zoho implementation roadmap;

— Document pertinent applications to use;

— Lay out specific steps to implement the applications; and

— Train your staff for system navigation.

Depending on the complexity of the project, Zoho consulting services can take from a few hours to months to deliver. You will need to know the hourly rate of the expert delivering your project and the expert’s level of knowledge and experience.

For example, Customerization offers a few options:

Quick Start CRM – A functioning Zoho CRM up and running in just two weeks.

Zoho One basic implementation – Configuring Features Beyond Basic CRM or Setting Up Zoho One or Multiple Zoho Apps.

Custom Projects For anything beyond the out-of-the-box functionality.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance Services.

You can find the specific rates here:

This is understandable. Zoho SaaS has a lot to offer, and so do Zoho partners.

To make sure you’re looking into the right Zoho implementation services, book a 15 min call with us.