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Blazesoft Uses Zoho Flow to Integrate Zoho Desk for Seamless, Efficient, and Productive Customer Relations

BlazeSoft Ltd. is a leading technology provider of entertainment solutions company specializing in developing online social gaming platforms for the North American market. With years of experience in the industry, Blazesoft has emerged as a frontrunner in this field, thanks to the company's innovative approach toward creating fun and engaging casino-like experiences. Globally, Blazesoft has over 100 employees, and the workforce continues to expand as the company harnesses new business opportunities.


As a fast-growing company with an expanding clientele base, Blazesoft has several departments, each with unique tools and business processes to ensure smooth operations. However, the existence of many departments creates organizational silos and an array of other challenges, including operational division and drawbacks. For Blazesoft, syncing disparate company functions for harmonious business operations was a top priority.

Another challenge the company wanted to solve was its inefficient manual approach when resolving technical issues at both customer and organizational levels. Typically, the customer service team had to open tasks in the support system manually, an approach that proved cumbersome and time-consuming, especially when a high volume of support tickets emerged. For this reason, the company needed to create seamless interconnectivity between the systems and automate the hand-off process for greater efficiency and minimized human error.

In addition, Blazesoft needed all previous client interactions, including support inquiries, product usage data, and sales history, to be integrated with the company's mathematical model. This was imperative to create a unified system for classifying and segmenting the diverse needs of its clientele base. Moreover, the approach would ensure greater visibility and coherence of customer information because all departments, including support representatives, will access it in real time.


To solve these challenges and leapfrog the competition, Blazesoft embarked on looking for an all-around tool that collects and consolidates customer data to sync it across all business applications. This would create efficiency and cohesiveness across all consumer-facing departments. Moreover, the company also noted that it would be important if the tool also optimizes the overall cost of moving from one system to another.

In the quest for a reliable solution that would address these challenges, Blazesoft met Customerization, a trusted Zoho Partner who recommended Zoho Flow. The Customerization team knew Flow would work perfectly because it provides an effective a-synchronous integration tool that can also be embedded in the Zoho suite, ultimately solving the company’s challenge of integrating its existing tech.
Another reason why the client chose Zoho Flow is the tool’s built-in integrations with intuitive visual dashboards and advanced monitoring capabilities. Moreover, the tool also supported custom integrations like Webhooks to simplify the operations of the client's teams. There are also other factors the client liked after getting a glimpse into the capabilities of Zoho Flow. This includes the tool's user-friendly interface and quick configuration options, which would save users a significant amount of time. Additionally, Zoho Flow turned out to be relatively more cost-effective than the client's previous tools.
With Flow, the client was able to connect Zoho Desk to internal company systems like MS Dynamics, Power BI, Azure DevOps, and external systems like TrustPilot and our social media channels. This became the first step to making customer operations efficient, seamless, and more productive.


After partnering with Customerization to implement Zoho, Blazesoft started to realize immediate benefits in streamlined operations and communication between the team and customers. The client noted the following distinctions in the company's processes:
Employees no longer had to switch back and forth between numerous tools since the Zoho Suite had all of our essential tools integrated within one tech stack.
The company was able to automate some of its complex workflows quickly to optimize time-consuming processes and reduce human errors.
Flow helped Blazesoft sync internal communications between different teams and technology systems. With the implementation of Desk and Flow, Blazesoft has significantly reduced the number of tools used within the organization. Flow has also marginally reduced chances for error with its seamless automation features.
Overall, Blazesoft's business is built on diverse technologies, and Flow is an integral asset that helps the company expand and enhance its integrations, boosting the efficiency of end-to-end operations. Zoho Desk has been a game-changer for Blazesoft support operations because it simplified the integration of all existing and new clientele into one centralized system. It enables the support team to assist clients 24/7 and efficiently resolve thousands of support tickets daily using a truly omnichannel approach - Facebook, email, portal, SMS, and additional digital channels. Statistically, Zoho Desk's functions have significantly enhanced the team's productivity by up to 50%.
“Our Zoho consulting partner, Customerization, handles all communications between Blazesoft and Zoho customer support. Since we onboarded them as our Zoho partner, they have provided top-tier support access, system reviews, and ongoing maintenance. Since working closely alongside the Customerization team, we have been able to optimize across many customer-relation landscapes.”
— Mickey Blayvas, Founder and CEO, Blazesoft


For many gaming companies, creating an engaging and personalized player experience is a dealbreaker. This starts by collecting and consolidating their information to understand customer needs better and resolve issues promptly. If you’re looking to achieve a competitive edge with real-time insights into your customers, Zoho CRM should be on your radar. Contact our team to develop a custom Zoho solution that matches all the intricate goals of your business.
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