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Three Advantages of Third Party Consultants

⚡️ Honesty

Honesty is a valuable virtue in social settings. It is just as important for business success. Building realistic expectations, prioritizing what matters, mitigating risks, navigating topics you’re not an expert in is a lot to lift for a business owner. Not only because you can’t know everything, but also because you and the team in the trenches are not objective anymore.

With a third-party consultant, you can count a healthy dose of honesty. A good consultant will point out the good, the bad, and the ugly. This might become a crucial step into different decisions, actions, business improvement, and eventually profit.

⚡️ Expertise

This is the core reason why people hire external experts. Let’s try to break this down into meaningful benefits.

Time-Saving: The often overlooked aspect of running a business is time management. The expertise of a third-party consultant will help you optimize and minimize the time to find the solution you’re looking for. An experienced consultant, although pricier, will take just a peek to find flaws, potential, and optimal solutions.

Planning: Third-party consultants are great plan-makers. They do this all the time, in the field of their expertise, be it management, marketing, sales, supply chain, payments, recruitment, or more. A decent consultant will bring best practices to the table, use the expertise they have gathered with other clients and industries, and will improve your business processes dramatically.

Specificity: As with tech-stack, you can find consultants specializing in one field, or ‘hybrid’, who can help with a bunch of related topics. If you’re looking to improve across a few departments or processes, it might be best to find all-in-one expertise, which might be an individual or an agency. This will reduce the misalignment between workstreams, add harmony to the project.

In our case, Customerization specializes in both Marketing and CRM & Business Applications. While either of the services is of high importance, applying both is usually more effective – your marketing investment converts to sales opportunities right in the one unified source of truth – your CRM.

⚡️ Implementation

In the 60s an assistant professor at Yale University conducted an interesting experiment that sparked a huge moral debate. The debate continues to this very day.

In his famous experiment Stanley Milgram “…found that most ordinary people obeyed instructions… when told to do so by an authority figure. “[1]

What Milgram was able to prove was truly profound – people obey authority.

This is one of the main advantages of third-party consultants that people rarely talk about. Not only will a consultant help you formulate your plans, but they will make sure you implement them. Remember that your ideas and plans are as good as their implementation.

Should you hire a third-party consultant?

That depends on several factors – the need for change, in-house expertise, resource availability, business priorities, budget, and more. However, even if you think that you have it all figured out, chances are that a good consultant could draw your attention to things you didn’t even consider. A good consultant will become a helping hand for you.

It is always the right time, to make the right move.