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What Zoho CRM offers for financial services companies?

Efficiency and quality reporting are some of the many reasons why CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs have fast become a favorite of financial services companies.

And if the platform has customization options to cater to the specific needs of the company, finance CRM becomes all the more a must have for this industry. And one of the best CRM in finance is definitely Zoho CRM.


Thanks to its diverse features, it has something for all sorts of financial services – be it investment management, wealth management or something else.

Still not convinced? Then let’s start with:

Why is a Financial Services CRM Important?

Crm in finance

Having a good CRM platform in place could be like having a highly-talented financial advisor at your side. Here are some important ways in which finance CRM, such as Zoho, will help you upgrade your overall performance:

1. Improve your overall client management system:

One of the primary reasons why you’ll need to use one of the top financial services CRM is that it gives you an all encompassing view of your clients. You will be able to go over all their account information such as:

  • Investment portfolios
  • Communication history
  • Account details, etc.

Not just that, you’ll also be able to compartmentalize clients as per their financial goals and other parameters and schedule reminders to keep note of the key dates and maximize efficiency.

2. Enhanced sales and marketing funnels

Leads are the building blocks on which companies prosper and with the help of a finance CRM, you can easily monitor and track them as they enter the system through various sources.

Further, automation tools can help you multiply lead generation and make sure that the best ones are given the most attention.

You can also develop highly-specific and personalized email campaigns to increase engagement with said leads and keep your existing clients informed about any new investment opportunities that might come up.

You’ll be able to use marketing automation tools for a more extensive process so that you can get the clients and retain them as well.

3. Automate your workflows as per your specific needs

With the help of financial services CRMs such as Zoho, you can build your own workflows thanks to their customization options such as client onboarding, document collection, etc.

It will even help you backup your important documents and keep them safe in the confines of the platform. This helps in reducing the chances of you losing any data significantly.

4. Get in-depth insights into your company’s performance

Making well-informed decisions is the key to upgrading or expanding any business. You can gauge valuable insights with the help of performance metrics and improve your decision-making process.

Reporting tools will help you:

  • Monitor the performance of the sales team
  • Understand client engagement
  • Discern the impact of the marketing campaigns
  • Study client behavior and interests

All of these can help you learn about their requirements and goals and cater to them in the required manner.

What makes Zoho your Ideal Finance CRM?

Zoho crm for financial services

Zoho CRM offers you one of the most premium experiences and that too at affordable prices. In fact, it even has a free version that can accommodate three users.

As a financial services based company, your needs primarily fall into two categories:

  1. Building your client list.
  2. Fostering long-lasting connections.

And guess what? Zoho is the best CRM for financial services in both these aspects!

Right from keeping a check on all the clients to managing the everyday operations and so much more, it can help you get all this done with ease.

Here are some ways why Zoho CRM for financial services is the best way to go:

  • Keep tabs on each client

    The CRM will help you keep tabs on each and every interaction and will generate reports that’ll chronologically list all the various interactions or events that have taken place between the client/lead and your company.

    If you’re able to access the client’s transaction records, it becomes that much easier to trace their investment progress.

  • Automate, automate, automate

    Everything is fast becoming about AI these days and if you’re not leveraging it to boost your company’s growth, you’re doing something wrong. AI helps you with workflow automation owing to machine learning and other such algorithms.

    Zoho finance CRM comes with detailed instructions to help you navigate tasks easily. It even lends a hand to the various sales processes. This workflow will help you research investments, monitor and study strategies as well as other sales-based activities.

  • Manage documents better

    Safety and maintenance of important financial documents is vital to keeping your company going. All your spreadsheets and documents will be properly taken care of, and that includes rich media content as well.

    You’ll be able to share them easily across your team and work as and when required and get faster access whenever you need it.

  • Improve the customer experience

    It is a proven fact that companies that have a better customer experience always come out on top. If you can’t keep your existing clients happy, how will you retain the future ones?

Zoho CRM has been designed to help you give only the best overall experience to your customer. Therefore, if you want your customers to be content, it is the best choice.

Zoho CRM is one of the best CRM for financial services and can assist you in enhancing all the different aspects of your company – be it marketing, client management, automation, or something else.

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