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Who Wants to Use 50+ Zoho Apps??!

Imagine hopping between 50 apps every day just to get work done. What a drag! Unfortunately, that’s the reality that many startups and organizations are facing daily.

Poorly managed systems, bad communication, missing data, and so much more are what thousands of employees have to deal with which leads to business siloes — the first step to organizational failure.

Luckily, there’s an all-in-one Unified Business Operating Platform that’s swooped in to save the day for business operations around the world, Zoho One. At the recent 2023 U.S. Zoholics event, one of the Senior Zoho Evangelists, Taylor Backman, shared the extremely practical benefits that Zoho 1 provides businesses and we explore all of that in this article.

But before we dive in to see what Zoho Apps can do for you, let’s take a closer look at the silo problem that currently plagues tons of SMBs and how it affects your business.

What’s Wrong with Your Current Processes?

As an SMB, you probably understand the need to work with a ton of tools, apps, and systems for daily business operations. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Average numbers of zoho one apps used for smooth business operations

On average, a Zoho One user works with a total of 22 Zoho apps, plus 4 external apps for smooth business operations. Reports by Productiv show that major companies use over 200 different apps or software platforms for business processes, and each department uses between 40 to 60 different applications!

Impressive, right?

While these apps and tools may seem crucial to the smooth workflow of employee activities, in actuality, they kind of do the opposite. Employees working with apps, tools, and software platforms working independently of each other across departments in organizations lead to diverse problems.

How do we manage connectivity? How can we pass data between departments smoothly? How enjoyable is the employees’ user experience across all those apps?

All of these unsolved problems typically create organizational silos that become a business stumbling block. Siloed systems lead to siloed organizations. 86% of employees within a group survey blamed “lack of collaboration and poor communication,” as the leading cause of workplace failures, while 54% of employees lose over 2 hours daily searching for information. Does any of that sound all too familiar at your company?

Imagine a world where none of these exist in your business:

  • The disrupted flow of information and communication issues where your team members find it difficult to relay information and data back and forth,
  • Delayed processes with tasks assignations getting lost in transit, or employees forgetting to work on assigned tasks,
  • Misplaced data because your data processing procedures are cumbersome, outdated, and filled with loopholes,
  • Low productivity because workers feel like they’re not being engaged enough, and tasks are just too repetitive
  • Lots of human error in customer data that stems from your outdated manual procedures, and so much more.

Is this possible? Very much so!

But for your business to be effective, and workflow smooth, there has to be interaction and collaboration between the workforce and the systems. Thankfully, that’s where Zoho One comes in to disrupt the norm.

What’s New With Zoho One? How Does It Come In?

Currently, Zoho One provides 40+ enterprise-level online apps that help small to large-scale businesses like yours carry out a lot of their processes. But, unlike other tools and systems that function independently, Zoho One is the all-in-one Unified CRM that will kick your business silos and loopholes to the curb where they belong!

Zoho One contains a suite of operational business tools that will help you boost sales, market your businesses, conduct accounting, communicate with teammates and clients, and so much more. This means in one interactive tool, you can find all the apps your business needs to thrive and run smoothly. No more silos.

How Does Zoho One Work?

Zoho is committed to developing Zoho One as firstly, the Operating System for businesses, providing a solid, reliable replacement for cloud applications, legacy tools, and paper-based resources.

Zoho one as vertically, horizontally, and contextually unified service
Secondly, Zoho One as One is Zoho saying ‘We’re committed to continuing to produce a Vertically, Horizontally, and Contextually Unified Service for our customers.’ Say hello! To the all-in-one integrated system for every department in most organizations. What does this mean for your business?
  • One sign-in for everyone: No more multiple sign-ins on different apps, and hopping between apps to track and store data. Enjoy a single sign-on for every employee and relevant stakeholder. Get access to all Zoho apps, plus any third-party or custom apps in use with a single login detail.
  • No more missing information: Say goodbye to hours spent looking for emails, chats, files, and customer records. With Zoho One’s Zia Search, you get a unified search for business data across all apps. Even better, it respects any permission structures you set for employees across your organization.
  • Clearer, cleaner, more accurate data: You no longer have to deal with uncoordinated back-and-forths between customers and your employees. Better data means better decisions. Get instant, unified, and insightful reports and dashboards to help you make improved decisions for your company’s benefit.
  • Easier, seamless communication channels: Adopt Zoho One’s unified messaging and communications tools, Cliq and Telephony for a messaging and phone call service that allows employees contextually collaborate with their teammates and get the job done

Awesome! Anything Else to Expect?

At the 2023 Zoholics event, Taylor said, “Unification is a deep ocean. We continue to make progress every year.” This means Zoho is constantly creating something new for Zoho 1 in the pipeline, especially to improve its customers’ experiences. More Zoho One unified services to look out for are encapsulated in The Unified User Experience, some of which are still in the works. The Unified UX is designed to improve businesses’ and their employees’ experience with the Zoho One tools. Why should you look forward to these new features? Here are a few things to expect:

1. Enjoy all the power of Zoho One in one browser tab. You’ll be able to launch apps and manage your organization from one single dashboard with a unified user interface and navigation feature.

Zoho one in one browser tab

2. With one window, get access to all. The SPACES feature will let you categorize your Zoho apps in clusters or “spaces,” navigating between them all within one window.

Spaces feature in zoho apps

3. All workplace dashboards together. You no longer have to switch between dashboards to access your apps. You get a centralized panel that displays an overview of all Zoho Apps in the form of widgets.

4. Take charge with a single control tower. Unified configuration management allows you to personalize all you need from a central console without having to hop between apps. You also get a central admin panel to manage users, app integrations, policies, and more for quicker setups.

5. Stay in the know, always. You’ll get unified notifications across apps – not 50 different notification sources! A better way to stay organized and up to date on company proceedings.

6. Leverage the power of AI. You can make natural language searches across apps so nothing goes missing anymore. Simply let AI analyze your query, make the logical connections, and generate answers, based on that analysis.

Zia search with ai and nlp

Let’s Wrap Up

As your company grows, taking a strategic approach to your business’s digitization, and making strategic decisions can be a game-changer! Don’t allow short-term needs to overpower the strategic need to choose a unified platform for your long-term business operations. Bid the silo syndrome that most startups face goodbye.

Beyond apps, think the platform, think Zoho One.

Whether you have any questions or you’re ready to discuss your business growth strategy, we’re always here for you. Click the button and let’s get started on achieving your goals together!

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