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How Can I Use Zoho Writer?

Zoho Office Suite offers an array of services, such as Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, and the one in the spotlight – Zoho Writer. So what exactly is Zoho Writer and how can it make your work easier? These are just some questions we’ll tackle in this article. Let’s start.

What is Zoho Writer?

As is explained by the name, Zoho Writer is a word processing software that enables users to write and modify documents online. It saves these documents to the cloud in real-time, where they can be accessed by all those who have the authorization.

It has robust tools that let users write, edit, format, collaborate, and share documents. While there are many other platforms that provide the same features, one highlight of the Zoho online word processor is that it lets multiple users write and edit a document concurrently.

This one feature helps it stand out since it comes in handy when you need to work on projects and the expertise of multiple people is required. Further, it supports all the primary formats such as doc, odt. HTML, etc., and image formats jpg, png, and so on. The ease with which it imports word documents makes it a pretty valuable and versatile tool.

What does Zoho Writer do?

There are multiple ways in which you can use this software. In addition to helping you document words, the Zoho word processor has the following features:
  1. ⚡️ Create customized templates. You can make templates for documents that are often used in your work, such as proposals, contracts, marketing content, etc. This feature saves you time and other resources that you would have to use otherwise. The four different templates that come with Zoho Writer 6 are:
  • Merge template
  • Sign template
  • Form-drive template
  • Fillable template
  1. ⚡️Deluge Custom Functions
If you’re working on more complex functions, Zoho Writer 6 has a Deluge function editor to make things easier. It’ll help you in automating those complex actions and simplify difficult tasks, such as gathering documents, uploading documents, sending documents to get signed, etc.
  1. ⚡️Extensive Formatting and Editing Options
The Zoho word processor has a host of smart formatting and editing options to make your life easier and your content more effective:
  • You can use Writer’s Document Navigator to view the whole document and format headings/sub-headings to best suit the requirements.
  • Edit multiple pages at once.
  • Easily replace images or sections, just like you do with words.
  • Hide images when scrolling a document to make it look cleaner and minimize scrolling.
  • Track the progress of your documents based on different parameters such as who viewed it, what changes they made, etc.
  • Protect your documents by restricting access. You can even mask or hide certain parts of the document locking it.
  • Collaborate and share ideas easily with the help of the chat feature.
  1. ⚡️Develop Interactive Documents
Writer 6 has introduced a new and flexible way of creating fillable documents that can be filled out by the customers or end users. These intuitive documents include assignments, forms, surveys, and so on. It’s a great PDF alternative and functions across different platforms. Further, it can also be integrated with emails and cloud services, and works well with your word processor as well.
  1. ⚡️Cut Down on Customization Time
Zoho’s online word processor allows you to customize documents more quickly and even reduces issues that may arise as a result of customization. You can add your brand’s formatting guidelines to Writer 6 and, therefore, apply them to all the documents that you will work on going forward. And now, for the most popular question.

What is the Difference Between Google Docs and Zoho Writer?

What is the difference between Google Docs and Zoho Writer_

On the surface, you won’t find any glaring differences between the two. But if you dig deeper and consider the features listed above, you’ll see how Zoho Writer has taken the features of Google Docs one step further and not just made them more multi-purpose, but also added a layer of security.

In conclusion, even if you have reservations about Zoho Writer or are comfortable using your current word processor, you should still give it a try. The sheer range of features that it has might change your entire writing and documenting process.

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