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How to Grow Your Business with Zoho CRM in 5 Easy Steps


More importantly, how can CRM software help grow your business, be that a brick and mortar or a digital one (or both, in many cases)?

CRM software is an important tool for digital transformation because it empowers the organization to:

  1. Securing new clients
  2. Enhancing client experience
  3. Accelerating revenue
  4. Driving productivity


According to CRM land—the hub for all things CRM—a CRM gathers customer interactions across all channels in one place. Basically, it allows you to streamline all your customer engagements, helping you sell to and retain your clients effectively and efficiently.

The CRM is essential for your business to achieve the desired state of digital transformation by successfully leveraging and ultimately automating sales, marketing and customer service tools, resulting in more strategically spent time and energy for you and your team. Best of all, its digital delivery ensures that this can be achieved remotely.


The CRM value can be explained through four key values:

  1. Sell more
    • Manage sales pipeline and forecasting
    • Guide sales and clients through the sales process
    • Automate tasks, reminders and alerts
  2. Reallocate sales time
    • Automate the quoting process
    • Automate routine workflows, activities, tasks
    • Focus on the priority customers
  3. Reduce client churn
    • Client service ticket and SLA management 
    • Survey client satisfaction
    • Secure new clients while retaining and upselling existing clients
  4. Change culture
    • Turn hiccups into opportunities
    • Monitor sales performance
    • Drive teams’ productivity
CRM value

Can you see how the CRM framework goes hand-in-hand with digital transformation?

If your business is not using a CRM, you could be missing out on some valuable opportunities.



Which CRM is best for my SMB (small or medium business)?

There are plenty of excellent CRM available on the market, but we strongly recommend Zoho/ Zoho One suite of tools. Here’s why:

1. Zoho One combines all the productivity and WFH tools within one platform…

Therefore, you don’t have to pay for any additional apps. Zoho’s simple interface, powerful communications features and solution integration tools make it ideal for the post-pandemic working from home environment.

2. Zoho offers integrations with all your favorite communication and productivity tools

Teams can conduct remote meetings and client presentations easily within Zoho through their favorite tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and other conferencing platforms. Zoho also offers integration with leading productivity, marketing and sales apps including Slack, Mailchimp and Amazon (and more!)—making it the ultimate CRM for the modern workplace.

3. Zoho clients have access to powerful virtual assistance capabilities

Companies that use Zoho’s advanced plans include access to Zia AI, a virtual assistant. Zia AI is essentially an in-house consultant: it provides workflow improvements and automations designed to save you time and money. Zia can also predict your client’s behavior, such as when they will open an email, answer a call or visit your website—helping you optimize your services even further.

4. Gamify tasks and accelerate your team’s motivation with Zoho

Zoho for business helps create a fun, competitive and motivating sales atmosphere by gamifying every lead generated, call placed and deal closed—turning them into trophies and badges to help you accelerate revenue and reach new levels of success. Your team will enjoy the competitive atmosphere and productivity will shoot up through the roof.

5. Plenty of options to get support from Zoho and its Partners

For a painless set-up, Zoho clients are provided with a personal onboarding assistance plan. 

The Zoho Partner Network includes agencies like us which provide custom implementations of the Zoho system for each client’s personalized business/sales needs.

6. Try before you buy one of Zoho’s affordable plans

Are you still on the fence? Why don’t you try it out and see—for free. What sets Zoho apart are the 30-day free trials available for each subscription tier for up to 3 unique users. This allows you to really get a feel of Zoho’s robust salesforce automation tools before you decide to purchase one of Zoho’s affordable plans. Sign up for your free trial here.

…and if you do end up buying a Zoho plan…

You can be assured that pricing is fair, transparent and catch-free. Whether you are using Zoho for startups, or Zoho CRM for small businesses, there is a Zoho plan for every budget. The Standard plan includes automated workflows, custom dashboards, prospect scoring, sales forecasting, 50 custom modules, and 1GB of file storage. Upper tiers provide superior services, including up to 30GB of file storage, virtual assistance, multi-user portals, mobile device management, and advanced business intelligence and analytics software.

Now you know why a CRM is essential to scale up your business. A CRM will help you reduce operational costs and errors, ramp-up efficiency, automate processes, secure and retain clients and accelerate revenue. We strongly recommend that you utilize a CRM for your SMB company—and if you’re still not sure, consider a Zoho free-trial. If you want to learn more about Zoho, watch our tutorial

Any more questions? Click here to book a free demo with our team