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Where Zoho Stores Our Data

When a company needs to make a decision on which SaaS/Cloud application to use for CRM, Document storage, Email service or any other business need, one of the important and critical questions is where your business data will be stored and how this data will be protected.

Why is it so important?  Because as business owners we have a lot of responsibility for our customer’s and employee’s data by law and we have to be aware of it and make sure our business complies with the regulation.

This topic often sounds very complicated and scary for many people. We felt the same before we found the answers for the most important questions around this topic. So we decided to help Zoho users understand better where the data is stored and which certification Zoho complies with.

The good news is that after this post and video you will have a good understanding of where your data resides, how it’s being protected, and what tools Zoho gives you in order to adjust the data management to your needs.

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