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All you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Dynamics Microsoft 365, businesses can quickly transform their business process to better serve customers’ evolving needs and seize emerging business opportunities. Generally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides actionable insights into customer behavior patterns, productivity, overall performance metrics, customer retention, and personalization skills to generate consistent revenue growth.

For example, retail industries can integrate all departments across organization with the assistance of the most advanced corporate Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud and its strong analytics capabilities. This article provides Microsoft Dynamics overview, especially what Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used for.

ms dynamics

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a product developed by Microsoft and offers an all-in-one solution for all types of business that enables users to digitally transform their businesses processes, including:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Warehouse Management
  • Field Service

Types of Microsoft Dynamics 365 editions

There are mainly two editions for Microsoft Dynamics 365; Business edition and Enterprise edition.

➡️ Business Edition

Dynamics 365’s Business Edition is a cloud-based ERP/CRM system. Microsoft advocates for small and medium-sized businesses with 100 to 250 employees to use the Business Edition of Dynamics 365.

➡️ Enterprises Edition

It’s specifically designed for medium to large enterprises. Field service, sales, project service automation, and customer service are all included in the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition in addition to Microsoft PowerApps.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 an ERP or a CRM?

Microsoft offers an ERP solution that is called Business Central. It offers integration with the wider modules although its primary purpose is to act as a stand alone solution. It has core capability across finance, operations, supply chain, CRM and project management. Other MS 365 solutions mentioned above are modular solutions where you can pick functions that you want to add. As an ecosystem, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is provides tools that enable the integrated management of both clients and the company, as well as Power BI visual analytics. consulting services

What are the key features of Dynamics Microsoft 365?

Most businesses choose CRM software to manage their business process and achieve targeted business goals. There is a set of features essential to every business and Dynamics Microsoft 365 consists of these features along with advanced technological elements.

Sales Insights: Dynamics Microsoft 365 offers the most relevant sales insights by analyzing the latest customer trends and patterns. Organizations can be able to manage their productivity and supply chain based on the insights generated by Dynamics 365 tools. Real-time sales insights can help businesses to make changes in their strategic planning to achieve more business ROI (return on investment).

Mobility: Business leaders and employees can access Dynamics 365 on various platforms including smartphones. It enables salespersons to access the details of all their leads and contacts on the go without visiting the office. The accessibility also allows business leaders to receive real-time business updates across departments, and customer representatives to interact with their customers at anytime from anywhere.

Customer Relationship Management: Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud offers tools for multichannel customer engagement, such as self-service / self-care portals, community engagement, tools for support agents, and an integrated solution that combines CRM and ERP functionality with rich data visualizations. CRM and ERP systems are combined with productivity software and artificial intelligence tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based business applications platform, to reach the business at its heights.

Integrations: With extensive integrations into Office 365 and Outlook, Dynamics 365 users can track and manage all emails and other communication activities. Dynamics Microsoft 365 can also integrate with other Microsoft products like Power BI, SharePoint, etc., and other third-party applications like SAP Concur and Magento Commerce. These integrations help businesses to streamline business processes efficiently.

Several features in Dynamics 365, such as automated chatbots and self-service portals, let customers make their choices and purchases without interacting directly with customer service representatives. This frees up representatives’ time, so they can handle more complex cases that need direct attention. Additionally, Microsoft offers very powerful analytics tools like Power BI and its machine learning and AI features.

Benefits of using microsoft dynamics crm 365 for businesses

Being one of the industry-leading CRM software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be able to provide businesses with improved productivity, enhanced customer relationships, streamlined business processes, and more. Here are some significant benefits of using Dynamics Microsoft 365 for businesses:

  • Accelerate sales process by providing real-time sales insights.
  • Streamline business processes by automating routine tasks and enabling users to engage with more productive activities.
  • Scalability offers an on-the-go ability to expand as businesses grow.
  • Offers improved customer experience through chatbots, self-service tools, and more.
  • Effective financial management is possible with real-time financial reports and marketing trends.

Pricing Plans

All the pricing plans of Dynamics 365 are designed on per user basis. The basic business plan of Dynamics 365 costs $70/month and $100/month for the premium business plan. the business plan for team members costs$8/month.

Apart from these plans, businesses can choose applications that are relevant to their businesses. Dynamics 365 for sales professionals costs $65/month, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Power Apps costs $9.99/month and $20/month respectively.

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