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Technology problem-solving for small and medium businesses

The entrepreneurial world is the one with high uncertainties, surprises, and challenges. 2020 has just been that case, forcing business owners flip the ways their businesses operate, and transition to remote working, selling and servicing!

The overwhelming majority of these issues, and problems have been technology related. Under high pressure, and stress small and medium businesses have been forced to implement ‘fixes’ that vary widely.

One of the mistakes we have seen is trying to fix every technology problem independently, in an isolated and silo’ed mode. Many businesses have taken the services of different software providers. They use one software for their sales, another for marketing, yet another for support…

At first glance this might seem like a decent approach. Specialty software allow for different, ‘fit for purpose’ solutions… That is true, until you have to automate end-to-end processes across multiple functions (from marketing, through sales, customer onboarding and service, to finance and operations). What at first seemed like a perfect solution, turns into a devastating hindrance.

Ideally, businesses need one platform that has solutions for multiple problems. This ideal tool would be one that can be used at any point of the life cycle of a business. You can get it at the beginning, and then add more complex and robust features down the line, based on your needs and priorities.

Now only if there was such a tool…

Zoho One – All the tech you will ever need for your business

Let’s begin by answering the question “What is Zoho One?”

Zoho One is an online platform for business management. It includes more than 40 software applications that provide solutions for any aspect of your business. Zoho One has been built as  a unified platform that any company can utilize to run all aspects of the business.

That’s a bold claim, and we are here to back it up. Here’s how Zoho One can help small and medium businesses to operate end-to-end:

Marketing – Build websites and landing pages, run digital marketing campaigns and surveys, create webinars and events, leverage chatbots and intent data.

Sales – Empower sales teams with simple or advanced CRM tools, pipeline management, customer insights, and smart meeting scheduler.

Customer Service – Keep customers happy and loyal using omnichannel case management,  SLA and escalation tools, remote access, and control.

Performance – Boost performance of all teams with Zoho collaboration and communication suite that includes chats, video calls, emails, document sharing, project management, and more.

Finance – Address all financial and accounting needs including books management, customer invoicing, expenses control, and online payments.

Accessibility – Create and edit documents online, share and sign them digitally.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more about Zoho One, and how it can help your business, we highly recommend that you check our Zoho One Overview video below!

How much does Zoho One cost?

Zoho One was built with small and medium businesses in mind. There are different pricing plans for Zoho One. License cost can be optimized based on the total number of employees, different types of system users, and the applications required for each user type. There is a discount for an annual subscription but you can choose a monthly payment as well. In this case, the price is a little bit higher.

The best course in understanding how much Zoho One will cost for you is finding a professional who understands the plethora of options, features, customizations, and plans. We are sure Zoho One has the right thing for your business. 

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